Silvi Naçi

BIOGRAPHY (Albania, 1987) they work with the image and its politics in various media such as photography, performance, moving image, text, fibers, drawing and installation. Their interest lies in the subtle and violent ways that decolonization and migration affect and reshape people, language, and gender identity as well as social and cultural dynamics. Naçi holds […]

Eva Giolo

BIOGRAPHY She is an audio-visual artist working with film, video, and installation. Her work focuses on the female experience, employing experimental and documentary strategies to explore themes of intimacy, permanence, and memory, along with the analysis of language and semiotics. Giolo uses her camera to capture the ‘mundane’ moments of everyday life to reveal their […]

Enej Gala

BIOGRAPHY Enej Gala (Ljubljana, 1990) lives and works between London, Venice and Nova Gorica. His practice expands narrative by questioning traditional perspectives of painting, performance sculpture, puppetry and video, exploring different forms of production including frequent collaborations with the theatrical field. Her research focuses on the limits of imagination, probing the fragile affiliations to particular […]

Anouk Chambaz

BIOGRAPHY (Losanna, 1993) she explores the poetics and politics of the moving image and sound. Chambaz’s practice articulates through the observation and experience of time, testifying to the encounters among forms of life and socio-geological landscapes, questioning their conventional narratives. After completing her degree in cinema and philosophy in Losanna and Rome, the artist specialized […]

Francesco Bertocco

BIOGRAPHY (Milano, 1983) he is a filmmaker and visual artist. In 2011, Bertocco earned a degree in Cinema and Video at Accademia di Belle Arti in Brera. His artistic research revolves around the exploration of the documentary genre, which he has developed lately within its intersection with scientific imagery. His works have been exhibited in […]

Éric Baudelaire

BIOGRAPHY (Salt Lake City, 1973) he is an artist and filmmaker based in Paris. After training as a political scientist, he established himself as a visual artist with a research-based practice in several media ranging from printmaking, photography and the moving image to installation, performance and letter writing. His feature films A Flower in the […]