Enej Gala


Enej Gala (Ljubljana, 1990) lives and works between London, Venice and Nova Gorica. His practice expands narrative by questioning traditional perspectives of painting, performance sculpture, puppetry and video, exploring different forms of production including frequent collaborations with the theatrical field. Her research focuses on the limits of imagination, probing the fragile affiliations to particular identities and questioning conflicting rhetorics and conventional representations

He has exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions (at TJ Boulting, London, 2023; A plus A Gallery, Venice, 2022; Kamera gallery, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana 2022; Kibela/Kibla space Maribor, 2020, MGNG civic gallery Nova Gorica 2020, Kresija Gallery, Ljubljana 2020, Localedue, Bologna, 2019, Civic Center of Contemporary Art, Koper 2019) and group exhibitions, in London, Venice, Brussels, Hong Kong, and Turin.


Etiquette 2.0 (2023)
13:44 min

A series of puppets, to whose limbs charcoals are attached, leave clumsy traces of their movements controlled by inexperienced hands on white-walled theatres. Freed from forms and roles canonical in puppetry, these sculptures performative in power, but hostile to control, become improper tools and ineffective prostheses of our bodies. The marks drawn highlight a failure, a loss of control over the outcome of movement, but at the same time bear imprints of a process of progressive learning.

A series of videos, edited into a single track, documents these attempts, with the perspective of a scientific experiment. The scene is populated with layered signs, like a terrarium packed with as yet unknown life forms.

The video is the outcome of a participatory art workshop with class 2 electricians of ENFAP FVG in Gorizia, curated by ETRARTE.