Seventh Edition

October 28th
November 26th
Spazio35 / Visionario


Éric Baudelaire
Francesco Bertocco
Anouk Chambaz
Enej Gala
Eva Giolo
Silvi Naçi

On gesture

The seventh edition of the Mind the Gap project revolves around a video and film exploration of gesturality. As we know, our body is not immutable; it is constantly marked not only by the passing of time, but also by its surrounding cultural, social, and economic models. This implies that the body is an actor, in the etymological sense of the term; that is, it actively and directly participates in what happens, it is the tool through which the subject exists in the world. The body is the margin or threshold of humans’ shared experience of being, it is deeply relational in a constant dynamic between I and we, and in this sense, it is also highly political.