is an artist and filmmaker who studied Visual Communication and Fine Arts at Malmö University and Bergen Art Academy. She explores memory processing in relation to lost and digital spaces, using rendered photographs to create poetic representations.
uses dance and somatics to propose relations between the body and the technological devices of daily life. Her practice spans the relationship between the Latin American avant-gardes, the role of the contemporary artist, and the aesthetics of leisure as appropriated by international tech corporations.
is an artist and researcher based in New York City. In his works, he analyzes various aspects of daily life through the lens of time and the body, such as the relationship between work and leisure, sleep and wakefulness.
is a visual artist who mainly works on relational art projects about social-political issues. She uses different media – video, audio, embroidery, chalcography, performance – in addition to photography. Her work has been shown and published internationally and is held in private collections and museum.
is an artist working across video, installation, performance, and participatory art. In her works she investigates the themes of (inter-) subjectivity, individuality, and (self-) perception in order to challenge their dynamics, explore their potential for change, and unveil our hidden and potential multiple facets of human nature. Her artistic research emphasizes the process along with the final product.