Conferences and workshops


Living the Contemporary

Thursday, November 3, 2022 – 6pm
Council Hall of Palazzo Garzolini di Toppo Wassermann (via Gemona 92, Udine)

Speakers will include artists Danilo Correale and Sofia Caesar and curators Giada Centazzo and Lorenzo Lazzari. The meeting will be moderated by philosopher Simone Furlani, associate professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Udine. The lecture explores the themes of this new edition of “Mind the Gap” related to the ongoing transformations affecting the concept of living, understood as a form of knowledge of reality that involves both the tangible aspects of places and their representation.

From different perspectives Sofia Caesar and Danilo Correale question the fragmentation of working space that brings back into play that boundary line that separates it from domestic space-time and at the same time creates a new technological, semiotic and behavioral lexicon. On the other hand, in their aesthetic research Karolina Bergman Engman and Flavia Tritto probe the idea of domestic and family space, understanding it respectively as a place of emotional experiences, memories, memories or a metaphor of an existential condition and an inter-individual dimension in constant evolution.


Public meeting

Mind the gap in Gorizia

Tuesday November 8, 2022 – 6.30pm
The ARCI GONG Club in via delle Monache 10/A – Gorizia, will host an in-depth meeting on the sixth edition of “Mind the Gap”, a contemporary art project dedicated to the figure of the psychiatrist Franco Basaglia.

The meeting will be attended by Giada Centazzo – co-curator of the project together with Lorenzo Lazzari – Augusta Eniti (Altreforme Udine), creator and manager of the organization and Roberta Riva di Agorè, Association of Social Promotion, partner of the initiative since the first edition.


Film workshops

Workshop “Living places”

Led by Cristian Natoli, organised by Altreforme at the E. F. Bellavitis Secondary School.

Inhabiting or living a place creates a relationship between the space itself and those who live it, or rather the space lives by virtue of relationships that intertwine and invest the affective dimension.

In the workshop, through a collective confrontation, we will work on the capacity for visual-spatial representation of the places where the children live: the street, the neighbourhood, the school… In addition, some writing exercises will help them tell their affective dimension through images in order to create scenes that are charged with symbolic meanings in relation to their experiences.

Cristian Natoli was born in Gorizia (20/10/1981). Since 2004, he has worked for Italian film and television productions, as well as producing music videos, short films and documentaries that have won multiple critical awards, such as Attores and Allamhatar, Figli di Maria and Per mano ignota, also selected at the David di Donatello and a finalist at the Golden Door Film Festival. In 2016 he was unit director for the docureality Chiedi a Papà, produced by Indigo Film, aired on Rai3. In 2017 he founded the production company Tesla production together with Chiara Toffolo. The Jungle, the latest film produced and directed, was selected at the 37th Warsaw Film Festival.

Ansia a scuola (video of the workshop “Living places”)


Workshop “The first date”

Conceived by Giulia Iacolutti, curated by Rachele D’Osualdo, Associazione ETRARTE.

Never as in this historical moment has contact between individuals become forbidden or at least feared, accentuating the proxemic distance that characterises social relations.

Working on touch as a sense that orients us in relation to others, the workshop includes an initial reflection and collective discussion on how interpersonal spaces have changed.

This will be followed by performative work involving the staging of some vulnerability exercises. They will also be an opportunity to introduce a discussion on the documentation of performance in art history and the possibility of replicating an ephemeral act. In the final editing, the gestures, glances and spaces between the bodies will be the protagonists of the video.

Giulia Iacolutti is a visual artist, who mainly works on relational art projects using different languages and media (video, audio and performance). Her work has been exhibited in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, the United States and Switzerland. She has published in the following international magazines: National Geographic, Al Jazeera, La Repubblica, Gattopardo and L’Espresso. In 2018 she was nominated for the Foam Paul Huf Award and with her first book Casa Azul, published by the(M) éditions in France, she won the Marco Bastianelli Award for Best Artist Book. In November 2021, Casa Azul became a solo exhibition curated by Giulia Zorzi in the spaces of the Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea (PAC) in Milan. It recently became part of the Donata Pizzi collection.

Il primo appuntamento (video of the workshop “The first date”)


Workshop  “Architecture and cinema”

Conceived by Andrea Trincardi, organised by Altreforme at the Liceo C. Percoto in Udine.

The workshop focuses on bringing into play our perception of places, analysing the role of space and architecture in the history of cinema. The visual path is designed to help us understand how the film medium delimits, cuts space and reconstructs and recomposes it. For cinema, architecture is not just one of many possible subjects, but permeates it right down to its elementary procedures.

Andrea Trincardi, who trained as an architect, studied photography with Italo Zannier and Guido Guidi and later devoted himself to film writing, taking screenplay courses at the Holden School in Turin. For many years he has led photography and film workshops for Altreforme, collaborating with schools, public and private institutions in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. He wrote the subjects of the episodes of the animated series L’arte con Matì e Dadà, dedicated to photography and architecture. He wrote and directed Vieni a vedere l’arte, a short film for the National Archaeological Museum of Aquileia, selected at the International Archaeological Film Festival in Rovereto and at the Firenze Archeofilm Festival (2020). The screenplay of Non sono mai stato lì was selected at the ZagrebDox Pro pitching forum (2020) and entered the short list of the Idfa Amsterdam Forum, edition 2021. It also won the RE-ACT (Co-development Fund between Italy, Slovenia and Croatia) award for the screenplay, written in collaboration with artist Valeria Cozzarini, of the animated film Julka based on a short story by Boris Pahor.

Non sento altro che i miei colori (video of the workshop “Architecture and cinema”)