Kinemax / Satelliti

Satelliti, 2017
video HD, 3’ 20”

Palazzo del Cinema/Hiša Filma
Piazza della Vittoria, 41

6 October – 4 November 2018
schedule: every day, during the showings

The video Satelliti (satellites) is the result of interdisciplinary research conducted by the artist in 2017, inside the former Psychiatric Hospital San Lazzaro in Reggio Emilia. In the archives of the institute, the artist found a large amount of clay statuettes modelled by the anonymous patients of the hospital characterised by expressive and tactile features. Aligned on a table – thus converted into an aseptic stage – these artifacts are being filmed by a video camera which pauses repeatedly on details and, at the same time, on the choral ensemble that these objects form, unveiling in this way their evocative power defying any attempt of scientific description.

These objects, possibly created for therapeutic purposes, single out the deep relationship, which emerged in modern times, between art and psychoanalysis, creativity and deviance. By offering a detached and sensitive sight, the artist reflects on the permeable nature of the social and communicative boundaries between these two apparently distant but actually absolutely complementary dimensions of human expression.