Karolina Bergman Engman


Karolina Bergman Engman (Bjärred, Sweden, 1991) is an artist and filmmaker based in Malmö, Sweden, and Bergen, Norway. She holds a BA in Visual Communication from Malmö University, where she began exploring her visual language through moving images, focusing on animation. She then studied at the Bergen Academy of Art, concentrating on video, installation and sculpture. Her practice primarily focuses on elements of everyday life, where situations or actions are highlighted to a point where reality develops into fiction. Engman has been focusing on memory processing, in relation to lost and digital spaces, mixing photography and animation.

Her works have been screened at Tranås at the Fringe International Arts Festival (2021) and Kino’s Konsthelg (Lund, 2021). Moreover, she has taken part in various group exhibitions including Malmö Gallerihelg (Mörkrum Format, Malmö 2021), Galleri FI4E (Kode, Bergen 2021), and Waste of space (Konstepidemin, Göteborg 2019). In 2019, she was awarded the Eric Ericson Foundation scholarship for new artists. Her work Rootless was awarded the Ebba prize in 2022.


Rootless, 2021
HD video, color, sound, 05’32’’

Rootless is an animated short film based on photographs, reflecting upon the processing of the memory of a lost home. The house transitions from presence to absence, eventually becoming an object of memory.

Soundscapes are also repeated to the point of technical distortion, just like the memory of the house, which, after repeated evocations, distorts and fades over time.

“Rootless” – still frame
“Rootless” – still frame